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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your website positioned among the top positions of Google? Yes or no?

Top SEO Guide provides Guidance for SEO – We are experts in increasing your visibility in search engines for the most profitable keywords for your business. Extend performance to your website, increase SEO traffic from search engines and win customers NOW!

What does the SEO positioning service?

A successful search engine optimization can lead a website to receive thousands of users interested in your products or services, exponentially increasing your chances of commercial conversion through the web.

What does SEO mean?

Search Engine Optimization, includes all the measures that are used to improve the ranking of a website in a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

A typical example is that an advertising Company wants his website to be found on the first page of Google for search terms such as ‘advertising’ or ‘advertising Agency’.

As a search engine optimization agency, it is always hard to convince customers that they understand how to use Google for their interests. Yet the simplest method of persuasion is to hold important positions for one’s own relevant concepts.

Recommended SEO

Having a website that meets the requirements of search engines is only the beginning of a profitable presence on the Internet.

To achieve good long term performance. In addition to a web page suitable for search engines, it is necessary to have efficient promotion and positioning mechanisms. Therefore, the participation of a specialized SEO is necessary to take care of the opportune works, to carry out an analysis of the new web page, to certify that the characteristics at the level of design, programming and accessibility are optimal, and Who also, as a professional offers the maximum guarantees of success in the promotion and positioning work that must be carried out.

There are many companies that offer SEO consultation and services. We will guide you for SEO optimization and web promotion, so you can do SEO for your website.

How modern SEO works

In the early years of Google good results could be achieved by linking strong external pages to the pages to be optimized. As a result, the quality of the front search results was often more than meager. Those days are over. Meanwhile, a successful website must generate satisfied visitors. Only then is this well-listed by Google.

Therefore the following procedure is important for a successful Seo:

Analysis of demand groups

In order to find the right approach and the right content for a web page, needs groups must first be defined and recognized. This is done in a joint workshop with the customer.

Analysis of the competitors

What are the competitors doing? How can our own products / services be positioned in a homogeneous market environment? How hard will it be to get ahead with SEO with visibility? Does it make sense to first use the so-called long tail Keywords, ie. word combinations? All these analyzes are important and necessary in order to demonstrate short-term success.

Definition of goals

What goals should be achieved with search engine optimization at all? Just more visitors on the website? Or more sales? More newsletters? Do you want to increase your stay on the website? Or in the social media area more Likes be generated? Each goal requires a different strategy.

Permanent optimization of the website at technical and content level

A website is never perfect. Often changes can be achieved with great success . Alone by optimizing the ” Description “, which is the part displayed by Google in the result lists, large visitor growth can be achieved. The exchange of a speech can increase the success rate of the defined goals by 30%.

Regularly review important SEO keywords.

Markets and language habits are changing, product groups are evolving. Therefore, the defined keywords must be checked at regular intervals. Is the term to be optimized still up-to-date? Does this achieve the desired results? Are new concepts – usually with little competition – added? This step is often overlooked. But the chances are enormous , with great effort to achieve great improvements.

Create the best content on the subject.

Google tries to place the page with the best content on the search. This makes Google’s view enormous sense, since only so the seekers stay with Google long-term.

In the end, this means that your site needs to deliver the best content to your topic for a 1 position.

This is ensured by a regular update and improvement of your online content. We help you with the planning and on request also with the creation of these contents.

We can turn to your topic at the 100 different viewing levels. Every month, your content is supplemented by 2-3 of these levels.

This works on every topic. What can be written about drinking glasses, for example?

  • How is the design?
  • Is the glass dishwasher suitable?
  • Does it retain its luster? Keywords glass corrosion.
  • Are the glasses stable?
  • How is processing? Are the glasses evenly shaped? Are inclusions in the glass?
  • Do you have standardized capacity?
  • How is the glass in the hand?
  • What is the flavor of the glass?
  • Where are the glasses produced?
  • How soon can these be delivered?

Relevance and timeliness

In former times the saying was: “Content is King”. The more content pages on my domain, the more visitors I have. These rules have changed fundamentally recently.

Today, “Relevance is King” . It is important to send clear signals to the search engines which page is relevant for which topic.

If a page already exists on a particular topic, it should be updated. Incorrectly it would create a new page to an already existing topic. This deprecates the relevance of a complete domain, good Google positions are hard to reach.

With On-Site and Off-Site optimization, we ensure that the customer’s request is fulfilled.

With On-Site optimization, we analyze your web presence on criteria that are important for search engines, such as the use of relevant keywords in title and header tags, the existence of sufficient internal linking, meaningful and easy-to-analyze search engines much more.

However, the work is only beginning. At the latest since Google’s Page Rank algorithm, the off-site optimization, ie the number and quality of the Backlinks to your website on other websites, plays a far greater role.

In doing so, for a good position on Google as well as on other search engines, numerous criteria are considered and a constant link-building work takes place.

Importance of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization has gained enormously in recent years – the search for products and services nowadays takes place over 80% via search engines.

At the same time, 87% of Internet users only look at the first Google results page. So if your site is not on the Google page one of the search terms, it is invisible to potential customers – however good the content and design of your website may be.

The results of a neat and comprehensive SEO campaign can hardly be surpassed.

In the vast majority of cases, we can increase the traffic to your website and thus also the number of customers from the Internet by at least 30-50%, and in many cases even double.

In addition, SEO is a long-term investment – even if you do not have an active SEO campaign running, the campaign will continue to bring traffic, so visitors and customers, for years to come.