Optimize AdWords optimization campaigns

There are daily changing courses not only on the stock market. Also the AdWords click rates are to a large extent dynamic and constantly change. However, since there are many ways to get a better position on a keyword despite a lower bid, constant adjustments are indispensable.

Make more of your AdWords budget!

Only those who react to the day-to-day conditions really get the maximum from their budget. We monitor your campaigns and ads around the clock and react immediately when we see potential for improvement. We lower click rates and increase clicks.

Google Adwords

About Adwords you can do on Google advertising for your product or service. The basic principle is simple: you design a short advertisement and always pay when someone clicks on your ads.

The advertisements always appear in Google Search when they are thematically related to the content of the search query.

For this, it is necessary to specify the keywords (keywords) to which the ads should appear.

The Google user will see your advertising ads next to the organic search results.

You’ll need to set a monthly budget for Adwords and a maximum price that you’re willing to pay for a click on your ads. This value is called the maximum cost-per-click (CPC). In addition, Adwords offers many other settings, such as regional targeting, advertising networks, language, and more.

Although creating an initial Adwords advertising campaign is relatively easy, the campaign is now more profitable and the ROI (Return-On-Investment) is maximized ) Is not a trivial task.

We can manage numerous Adwords campaigns of all sizes and budgets, from a few dollars to many dollars daily per year – and we are happy to use our know-how to get the maximum profitability for your advertising campaign.

So, anyone can handle optimization of AdWords campaigns of all kinds, including the use of Analytics and other tools.

PPC methods/ Alternatives

An established PPC market leaderĀ is Google Adwords, there are also some other PPC service providers, which in part offer significantly cheaper services and quite respectable traffic, and can be a sensible addition to an Adwords campaign.

The main Google competitor in the global PPC market is Microsoft with its Bing search engine and the corresponding Microsoft adcenter PPC tool. This is similar to Adwords, and also provides detailed cost-control on a click-through basis, campaigns, ad groups, split testing of various components, and more.

The main drawback of adcenter compared to Google Adwords is the relatively low traffic. For most search terms, you can expect to get significantly below 10% of the amount of Adwords search queries. As a result, an adcenter campaign can serve as a complement to Adwords, but not replace it.

This is analogous to the other smaller PPC providers. Here are essentially Looksmart (, InfoLinks with its contextual ads, as well as Chitika (particularly for providers of physical goods).

In conclusion, although the alternative PPC providers cannot compete with Google Adwords on the whole, it is an interesting addition to an already existing and ongoing Adwords campaign, or to organic search engine optimization.

We have been dealing with all the tools mentioned here for years and are happy to assist you in setting up and optimizing PPC campaigns.