Off Page SEO Optimization

Search engines operation has been changed considerably in recent years. Only keyword optimization is no longer enough to help a website to a good SEO positioning. A sustained high ranking can only be achieved by a comprehensive off page SEO optimization.

Online marketing tools and techniques

Do you really know what communication strategy to use to take advantage of network resources? It is understood that in these times having a website is imperative, but not sufficient. To ensure an effective presence on the network you must know precisely the resources and the possibilities they offer:

>>>Search engines. The most effective strategy here is to draw the attention of users seeking the products or services that your company offers for search engine positioning, the most important search engine is Google and there are two ways to appear:

  • Natural positioning. The search engine considers that the contents of your website match the criteria defined in the search, so it includes the link between the results. The strategy in this case is to optimize the web for Google to consider relevant. This work is carried out by the professional known as SEO (Search Engine Optimizer).
  • Sponsored links. They are the links that appear on colored background in the first lines of results or in the column of the right. It pays for each user who clicks. They are useful for sustained campaigns over time, both branding and sales , and may be more profitable in the medium or long term, but it is more difficult to control.

E-mailing. Emails can be planned to encourage buyers to give the customer profile. Experts recommend working on a database so you do not neglect old customers or visitors who have asked for information. For that, you must have effective registration systems on the web.

In contrast to on-page SEO, the off- page optimization is an elaborate process which extends over months. This work is, however, necessary to establish a website in the leading places of the search engines. Quality and constancy are the factors that ultimately decide the success of a page.

What happens with an off-page optimization?

The off-page optimization is essentially about placing links on third-party websites that point to your own page. The more links a web page has, the better the visibility of the Internet presence. The most important link sources for off-page optimization include blogs, forums, article directories, question / answer portals, reviews, and press articles.

The quality of backlinks plays in off page optimization a crucial role. If you plan to place links on the first websites, you can permanently damage the reputation of your own site. In off-page optimization, it is important to select the link sources carefully. Once set links are difficult to delete, since the site operators often reside abroad and respond to such requests almost always rejection.

The link mix is ​​important

Another important point in off-page optimization is the balance of the link mix. Today the search engines place great value on the fact that the backlinks come from many different sources. A healthy mix of high authority and medium authority links is considered to be the best route to a consistently good search engine placement. It should therefore be ensured that the links are spread as widely as possible.

Basically “off page” SEO comprises all the external factors, ie. those that do not belong “to the page” ( to SEO On Page )

Although the SEO On page is fundamental to creating a good positioning base, most of the factors that influence the ranking of a page are based on Off Page SEO Optimization. And especially, still more 2017, in the quantity and quality of the links that point to your pages.

And because the links are so important for the positioning, it is normal that the SEO Off Page has as main objective to get or facilitate that other pages link to yours.

The design of the link texts (also referred to as “anchor text”) has a great influence on the weighting of backlinks. While it was common in earlier times to use only the main keyword as link text, the search engine requirements have now significantly increased. To convince Google and others search engines, that the links are made in an organic way, the anchor text must vary and have a natural effect.

No off-page optimization without social signals

Positive social signals play an important role in off-page optimization today. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are now penetrating almost all areas of life. The search engines look at social signals therefore as a grade gauge for the quality of websites. The more users are talking about a company and its products, the better.

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