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SEO Consultation

More than 75% of companies estimate that their performance in the digital ecosystem can still be improved. Top SEO Guide can help you better understand the big picture, set goals and create a SEO strategy that works for your company.

As a company, we have a digital approach and experience to help companies market and grow their businesses on the internet. From strategy planning, social media marketing and reputation to managing PPC and SEO campaigns, our SEO professionals will help you to develop a unique, well-planned strategy and action-based recommendations. We take pride in facilitating an easy transition from strategy development to implementation.

We help our customers to have innovative start-ups, which even makes the leading companies in the market, rethink their opportunities and catalyze their digital marketing strategies to grow their business from scratch.

Our long-term goal is to help our customers create new ways to progress and take advantage of their competition.

Top SEO Guide has been providing comprehensive consulting services for all SEO and online marketing issues.

If your company presence is not ranked first in Google for the relevant search terms, or if you want to work out a professional and effective online marketing strategy for your company, we are here for you.

With many SEO projects internationally, in India as well as in the US, we can look back on experience with any kind of online marketing and SEO, and provide a rich and individually configurable collection of methods or solutions for your company to build a dominant presence in the search engines.

Our initial consulting by a qualified computer scientist to the SEO-position of your website, with detailed analysis of both the current status of On-Site optimization and the off-site situation, including keyword selection, consideration of the main competitors in Google, and individual discussion is free for you.

In doing so, we strive to achieve the highest possible quality standard and, in contrast to many competitors, do not use general marketing phrases. Instead, we provide handy figures and clear statements that make the current SEO stand as well as the distance to the competition clearly visible.

In-depth, ongoing consulting is included in all SEO contracts. We deal with both On-Site factors such as:

  • Internal structure of the site
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Keyword density
  • H, Title, Meta, Alt, and other tags
  • Keyword-specific subpages
  • Presence of the most important aspects above-the-fold
  • Length, detail, originality of the textual content…and much more

In addition, Off-Site aspects get a lot of attention:

  • Number of backlinks
  • Age, origin, quality of the backlinks
  • Anchor texts and PageRank of the linking source pages
  • Backlinks of the competition
  • Target pages of the backlinks
  • Speed ​​and shape of the backlink setup function…and more

For SEM consultancy, for example, we analyze the bounce rates and return-on-investment per ad group, country, and search term, improve the structuring of campaigns and ad groups, increase the click-through rate and thus the quality score with the use of different Techniques, and thus reduce the cumulative cost of the campaign. We are experienced Google Adwords Advertising Professionals and our optimization of an Adwords campaign can often be an immediate improvement in cost effectiveness of 30% and more.

We also offer advice on social media as well as general online marketing.

SEO consultation of all websites are possible – from the optimization of a single specific search term to the global SEO strategy for hundreds of keywords at the same time.