Importance of Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing is the form of Marketing based on the use of digital media to develop direct, personal and interactive communications that provoke a reaction in the consumer.

You can create an online marketing strategy plan, based on inbound marketing that involves applying SEO techniques, blogs, content marketing, social networking, campaign creation and implementation, analytical measurement and review, your interactions , and much more. The key to success is that every component of your marketing plan is pulling in the same direction at the right times to be most effective.

Social Media Marketing

The marketing strategies are very important for entrepreneurs, and social networks, a key to promote the products of a company tool to capture potential customers or retain existing ones. In this special, you will find lots of articles related to Social Media for SMEs.

The social media marketing refers to all those activities in order to promote a brand through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, among others, which are at their peak between Internet users and facilitate the interaction of the brand with its target audience, to a much more personalized and dynamic level than with traditional marketing techniques.

Social networks are how modern brands connect with consumers, deliver value, and build lasting relationships. About 85% of all businesses are on these social platforms in one way or another.

A tactic of social marketing can range from producing content for a blog or twitter, to the deployment of many activities that integrate various social networks, videos on YouTube and blogs, the important thing is to know how to adapt them to the needs of each company, So that it improves its image and brand positioning, disseminates information quickly, is more popular, can collect strategic information about its clients, among other benefits.

The Internet has become a means of social communication. Social networks are a new phenomenon of global communication, in which, unlike other media, content is created by the audience that is grouped under a common interest, Sharing messages, ideas and opinions. Most of the social networks have had a spectacular growth, especially, when compared with the evolution of other means.

Now, if we are interested in knowing if businesses are getting results in “social media”, the number goes down for companies that use this medium in the short term and how a direct sales channel.

On the contrary, successful companies in social networks are those that plan in the medium and long term and use this channel as a social channel rather than direct selling. Building a community in a social environment depends heavily on your marketing strategy, hence the importance of having a marketing plan for social networks.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  1. Brand image: The popularity and brand image benefits widely to customers as the company feels closer.
  2. Increased number of visits: A well targeted social networking tactics increase the visibility of the brand and the number of visits to its website.
  3. High Conversion Rate: A brand that interacts with the user and makes it feel close and important, makes it easier to find new businesses.
  4. Scope: The use of social networks is becoming more popular, which means that this medium is an important way to impact a large number of people.
  5. Diffusion: Marketing in social networks is one of the fastest and most economical ways to disseminate some kind of information
  6. Data collection: Having a tactic on social networks is a great way to gather information about the target audience of the brand.

Advantages of Social Networks

  • A medium where millions of users are concentrated
  • Understand your customers through social media research and monitoring
  • Manage your brand reputation
  • Build trust and humanize your brand
  • Generate new buyers
  • Use social networks as a customer service
  • Expand scope and influence
  • Develop lasting relationships with your biggest fans (Engagement)
  • High presence at low cost

What social networks should I be?

One mistake of many companies wants to participate in all of them. And the first thing to do is to analyze why and to be in a certain social network and ask yourself, are my clients there?

After these questions and a faithful analysis of our reality offline and online, draw a marketing plan for social media.

Finally another fundamental aspect of success in social media is to create content relevant to the user, to differentiate ourselves from the competition, to generate trust and to get the community to interact with that content, sharing it with their contacts and friends, becoming amplifiers of our brand.