SEO Coaching

If you think that coaching only serves to help “achieve some personal or professional objective,” from today your perception will change.

We want to introduce you to a SEO Coach that aims to help you optimize your website so that it can position better in Google or Bing or other search engines.

What is SEO is one of the first questions that is asked any person who begins to be interested in the positioning of your web.

Few years ago, when we started to do our bit in this to make me a web , etc., there came a time when we want to know, what SEO is?

Surely if you are starting in this world of web design, among the tons of information that you will find on the internet you will find that many times is made reference to SEO. In the end one has to say “I have to find out what the SEO is because it appears constantly “.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , which means search engine optimization. At this point we imagine that you already know what search engines are: Google, Bing, Yahoo … When you search the internet for something you want to know, you are not really looking at the Internet at all in your capacity, but you are just looking at the engine You normally use. Google is the most used, with 90.62%.

SEO is also called dry positioning, natural positioning, organic positioning, search engine positioning, web positioning… All of the above is the same, (click on links for more information), and is different from SEM, or Search Engine Marketing , Which is payable. That is, SEO is a set of techniques to appear in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) without paying and the SEM appear in the SERPs, paying.

Who is Top SEO Guide?

Top SEO Guide is a group of professionals, who provides you step by step SEO guidance to optimize your website. The goal is to help you understand SEO and to do it yourself without being an expert.

We will help you to analyze your websites, and defines a customized optimization strategy.

We provide specialized SEO coaching for companies and web agencies.

  • All the central topics of modern SEO are discussed in detail:
  • Basics of how modern search engines work, especially Google
  • On-Page/On-Site SEO in full detail
  • Off-Page/Off-Site SEO – Strategies, Methods, Deadlines, Tracking, ROI
  • Example case studies of various SEO projects (both On-Page and Off-Page)
  • Google updates and penalties
  • Viral and guerrilla SEO
  • Alternatives to SEO

The SEO Coaching is provided by computer scientists with many years of experience in SEO and is suitable for both beginners from outside the Internet (eg. companies in the field of metrology, HR consulting, advertising articles are just a few examples where this is successful and much), As well as for online agencies, who would like to train your employees particularly in the field of modern SEO methods, possibilities and risks.

With hundreds of conducted search engine optimization Jobs internationally – we can look back on extensive experience with every SEO method and provide you with detailed information on all your questions on the subject…

If desired, an initial consultation can also be directly attached, where the discussed aspects of SEO are again used specifically and directly in the situation evaluation for their own company site.