SEO Positioning – Web Optimization

The SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization – Optimizing search engines) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in different search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) naturally and organic, with the help of work of Optimization and Web Positioning. This will allow you to improve your position in the search engines for certain results related to your Keywords of interest. The process of SEO Optimization is carried out manually…

What are the advantages of SEO positioning?

  1. The traffic of your website will increase progressively driving your business progressively, your visits will increase little by little but with steady pace.
  2. The traffic will be high quality, almost always related to the keywords that interest you most. Those that define your business and strategy.
  3. Your indexing errors will no longer be a problem. We will help you to optimize your website from the point of view of search engine positioning and user navigation.
  4. Each visit you receive will be free and you will not have to pay to appear among the first search results as in the case of ad campaigns with Adwords.
  5. It will increase sales and will have greater visibility in the market. It will improve the image of your company both from the point of view of your customers and your competitors.

SEO services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes various services, which are connected to the areas of web design, web programming and online marketing and are mostly taken over by SEO agencies. The most important steps in SEO are analysis, optimization and control / monitoring.

SEO analysis

SEO agencies start a project usually with an SEO analysis to find out where the strengths and weaknesses of a website lie. This SEO service is important for the future optimization as it checks the content and the meta-structure of the website as well as the quantity and quality of the external and internal links.

SEO services for on-page optimization

First, the website itself has to be optimized for search engines ( “On-page optimization” ), because this SEO service is the basis for a correct indexing and a good ranking. The most important measures are:

  • Control the source code with respect to W3C policies
  • Identify the most important keywords and adjust the content (2-6% keyword density) and Meta tags. Adaptation of the internal links (good navigation = better indexing)
  • Possible optimization of the domain name

SEO Services for Off-page Optimization

At least as important as the on-page optimization are also off-page SEO services. This is mainly about building external links (link building) to the website to be optimized, while ensuring the quality of the links in order to maximize the value of this SEO service. The most important quality criteria in link building are:

  • Number of Backlinks on relevant external pages
  • Link position
  • Anchor text (text under which the link appears)
  • Quality of the pages on which the links are placed

Quality criteria of SEO services

There are many SEO services, but the quality of the service must be consistent with a lasting success. Appropriate measures have proved to be both search engine and user-friendly. In concrete terms this means: Interesting and easy-to-read website text, correct information, simple and clear design as well as meaningful links. The quality of SEO services in the field of link building is characterized by the fact that links are placed only on relevant external pages with good ranking.