How to improve loading time in WordPress Step by step Guide

Do you want to learn how to improve the loading time of your WordPress website? You have arrived at the right place, where you will see the changes that you must make so that your WordPress website improves its loading speed in a surprising way.

From Top SEO Guide, we have designed this guide so that you understand the importance for SEO of having a fast website. I will also teach you how to measure the loading speed of your page in WordPress, and what you should do to improve these times.

What is WPO?

Before commenting on how to improve web speed for WordPress, we need to review the concept of WPO. (Web Performance Optimization), and refers to the techniques and requirements that a website must meet to load quickly.

There are many variables that directly influence the loading speed of a web page. However, they are all related to the queries that users make to the servers.

All websites are hosted on a server, and their information or resources are stored in files of different formats. When someone enters our website, what happens is that the server is asked for the availability and loading of the files that make up that URL.

The size of these files, the layout of your source code, and the efficiency of your server determine the loading speed of your website.

Each URL on your website can have a different loading speed. That is why, when diagnosing your website, search engines look at each indexed page individually.

Why is it important to improve the loading speed of a website?

Within the factors of On-Page SEO, the loading times of your site represent a determining aspect for positioning. This is because search engines place a lot of value on the user experience when interacting with a website.

Every day, people tend to wait less for a website to finish loading its content. Many studies affirm that after 3 seconds of waiting, many of the users will give up entering your website.

That is why the longer your site takes to load its content, the higher the bounce rate will be. Google and other search engines know this, and that is why they reward the websites with the best loading speed.

If your website is slow, it will be more difficult for search engines to value it positively.

In addition, for some time Google has valued a website from its mobile version, so prioritizing the WPO on these devices should be a priority.

Measure web loading speed

You already know why it is important that your website loads quickly. However, you may wonder how to know how efficient a website load is from the point of view of search engines.

Some devices can navigate faster than others depending on their level of data processing. In the same way, the Internet connection can be faster in some places than others.

So how do I know if my website is really slow? This requires a more impartial opinion.

Fortunately, there are several tools that can help you accurately measure how fast your site is loading.

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