What are Rich Snippets and how to get into them to increase CTR?

What are Rich Snippets and how to get into them to increase CTR?

The way to compete between web pages, today, is becoming popular in SEO positioning. Each company competes with each other to achieve better search engine rankings and increase traffic.

These new strategies are also part of digital marketing. Dedicated and focused skills to attract the public to convert them into frequent users. Every day you have to go according to the demands of these tools to generate growth opportunities and update your website.

At present it is very common to find different types of thumbnails (previews) every time a search is carried out. According to the characteristics provided by the first results, you usually click on the one that has captured the most attention.

Rich Snippets are defined as additional information displayed in search results. This information generates a better preview of the web page, showing photographs, prices, rating stars, reviews.

This helps positioning because it is not enough just to be among the first places but to use each tool that is useful to attract the attention of the reader and enter the web.

In addition, the Rich Snippets is a tool to increase the CTR , in such a way that it stands out through the visual impact that details a greater amount of relevant information on the web, showing a more significant result in front of the search engines. The way to position, yourself is linked to the confidence that is projected.

So that, a user who is looking for something specific can pay more attention to the web. It depends directly on characteristics such as extra information that other sites do not have, such as the evaluation of other users, the more positive they are, the more confidence they will inspire.

It is also important to note that this text marking, despite the fact that there are different tools to implement it, is a task that requires previous knowledge such as programming knowledge.

What are Rich Snippets?

The Rich Snippets are defined as the extra information that is shown next to the pre-established structure of each result of the web pages. In technical terms, they are defined as HTML code tags that support markup of relevant data to be displayed in the SERP description.

These rich snippets are inserted as a segment of HTML codes that do not appear in the results, but thanks to them they show relevant information for the user together with the title and description of the page.

Being more specific, Rich Snippets are a set of informational fragments designed to ensure that search engines correctly process the data of a web page and can qualify it according to its content.

Every day it is more evident that the visual impression is what drives the attention of users to click on one or another website; that is why the use of Rich Snippets is booming, since it is easier to click on a recipe if it has a high rating.

What are Rich Snippets used for?

It’s simple, the websites that include the Rich Snippets stand out from the competition thanks to the fact that they provide more summarized information on the web; This generates confidence and security so that users are ready to visit the site. These encourage clicks and increase the CTR (Click-through Rate), also offer an attractive format.

The Rich Snippets, because they are visual elements that allow your website to stand out at the machine level, facilitate the interpretation of the content, allowing the search engine to locate the information in a more efficient way.

The direct consequence of Rich Snippets is visibility and with it the increase in traffic to your website. One of the most important features of rich snippets is that the information you provide must be true and go accordingly to what the site is about.

What types of Rich Snippets are there and which one should I use?

As we live in a constant era of changes, Rich Snippets are in pursuit of this, providing improvements according to user preferences and trends. The reason for its creation is to inform users by giving them an overview of the web content through different previews.

In order to implement these codes correctly, you can consult the Shema.org page where you can see more detail on how and what should be implemented.

Although there is a wide variety of Rich Snippets, the most relevant are:

  • Rich Snippets of opinions or reviews: It is easier and faster to recognize in the preview by standing out in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). To recognize it, it is enough to notice a series of stars that indicate the evaluation of the users with respect to the web. This type of Rich Snippets is used to give the website credibility by influencing the number of visits.
  • Rich Snippets of person or people: It is used to integrate and display the personal data of the author of the article such as photo, name, pseudonym, etc. It derives in a greater visibility to your profile which ends up providing an SEO positioning in certain topics.
  • Rich Snippets of products: It is focused on ecommerce because it includes more specific details of the product such as; the photo, description, price, availability, brand, etc. This type of Rich Snippets is useful for comparing products without having to go to each web page.
  • Rich Snippets of recipes: These rich snippets are focused on providing relevant information about dishes or recipes: ingredients, quantities, cooking time, etc.
  • Rich Snippets organizations: It focuses on showing the most outstanding information of a company, such as the company name, location, phone numbers, etc.
  • Rich Snippets of events: It is oriented to the inclusion of relevant information of some type of event such as the date, the place where it will take place, what its schedule will be, etc. The 3 most recent events are usually displayed.
  • Rich Snippets music: It is directly related to musical bands or artists. Data such as song titles, album, etc. are displayed.
  • Rich Snippets videos: Show a preview of YouTube or other videos in the results. It is necessary to highlight if you want to post a video on your website and tag it correctly, these will appear in the thumbnail of the results.

These are the most common Rich Snippets; however when choosing one or the other for your website you must keep in mind the characteristics and the objective of the page, be it an online store, an informative page or a recipe book.

In turn, they can highlight that it is possible to mix these enriched fragments to generate a more complete website since its name indicates “enriched”, allowing positioning in more than one way. This means that even if the user searches with different words or in different ways; images, ratings, etc. Your website will appear in the first results.

What benefits do Rich Snippets bring me?

Although Rich Snippets have many benefits, they are directly related to SEO positioning. This is evidence so that this practice makes SEO both obvious and effective when it comes to optimizing the results and thereby improving the user experience. The benefits include:

  • They define and enhance the value of your content: They let the user see if your website is for sales of products, services, or informational content, always from the point of view of the best quality because it shows a star rating and opinions from other users. .
  • Develops and improves CTR: The reward of using an optimal approach and appropriate copywriting tactics (sharing information that arouses interest) is able to attract many visits to the site because what is done is enhance the content by making it more visible.
  • Bounce reduction: By having more complete and immediate information on what they were looking for, the user will enter your web page and stay because the preview was enough to capture their attention, thus reducing the bounce rate on the site. .
  • Engagement improvement: When Rich Snippets are used, you change the branding of your site and with it the identity of your brand. This is motivated by the fact that the website will project more professionalism, generating trust among users and positioning themselves above those who do not implement it.
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