Digressions in SEO copywriting and content relevance

The digression is that moment when you stop the argument logical thread that stretches to explore another more or less relevant, but still different. Ramble can be a good way to refresh the attention of users, but it can also lead them astray and take them out from the starting topic, with negative consequences for learning.

Today’s article is about fundamental questions of SEO semantics. While analogies, figures of speech and metaphors can make smoother reading a web document, it is best to use them or is not still the case?

What is SEO optimization of text?

One problem reflected in SEO training is that the SEO copywriting argument is skipped entirely by teachers who consider the irrelevant texts side of SEO and treated superficially by those who will only provide guidance on the length, the header tags, on ‘ use of anchor text, on the principles of prominence, proximity, etc.

The SEO copywriting does not pertain only to the guidelines to better put your keywords in the text, but it has to do with grammar and syntax. Google makes every effort to grasp the meaning of what we write, how to carry the study on the similarities, but if you want to be certain that captures ALL that you want to convey, you have to work on extreme simplification , reducing the number of subordinate clauses and excluding all the idioms that require the interpretation of the reader.

You always have to do that?  I would say no, my suggestion is to simplify the communication log as much as possible when developing guidance on “pop” arguments as does the teacher and in general when you have strong ambitions to place your article on competitive SERP. Not to test Google’s ability.

The way I write for this blog is (almost always) different from the way in which work on the editorial plans of the projects that I follow. The difference is the fact that SEO project does not aim to place items in particular on Google unless you talk about SEO tests, but only to cultivate the importance of the main websites such as those for SEO costs, which ultimately got a featured snippets for queries SEO prices and costs SEO. The way I work on MY editorial plan, article after article, serves to cultivate my reputation, which is realized directly in the one true positioning that matters, that the perception of my target audience. Ultimately, branding and personal branding are not things that are fixed in 6 months of work.

Digressions and storytelling

Returning to the main theme the ramblings can be dangerous or not depending on what we want to digress. If you deviate from the topic ” diapers ” insert in our text a paragraph that tells a story about our childhood , we can get a worse response than other types of distraction, such as the bottle or on toys for infants most useful found or better designed. The digression is a good way when intercepts related topic, then if you can ramble on about your childhood and at the same time deal with related topics, then you’re combining the storytelling to a good SEO copywriting. That’s a good content!

Two things about the Content Relevance

Lately, it argues that the text relevance is a stronger ranking factor than before, in some cases even more important backlinks. I am sure that Google will go in this direction, but I would like to mark the difference between text relevance and content relevance. In this period of history it would be naive to focus on the text as a unique aspect of the content as to affect the import of the same. The content must be managed in a holistic sense. Being relevant to the content is not just about having a good keyword research, but it also means taking care of the aspects of usability and user experience of the web page. How correlations? AND the text reads?

Whether you give you a good digression occasionally or not, never lose sight of your users and what they want to achieve from your web project.

Get well tangent … does it intelligently!

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