What are breadcrumbs?

The breadcrumbs are links within the website that help the user to know where they are with reference to the home page and to improve the tracking capacity. Although on small websites it is not very important, for websites that have siled URL structures it is of great help to users. An example of breadcrumbs for this article would be:
Home > SEO experts blog > Quick SEO dictionary

As a general rule, they are usually located at the top, below the header or main title. As a general rule, breadcrumbs can be organized with hierarchies (the most common) and by categories or attributes (stores).

What advantages do they have?

  • Improve the user experience.
  • They reduce the bounce rate.
  • Improve interlinking.
  • Help Google to better understand your website.
  • They are good for SEO.
  • Increases the stay time.
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