5 SEO Tips for Successful Content Marketing

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SEO Tips for Successful Content Marketing

Blogging is one of the most important measures in search engine optimization. But how can you better use blog posts for SEO? We’ve put together 5 SEO tips that are guaranteed to win new customers!

Tip 1: Good Content

Does it seem natural to you? While it is, you should always be aware of the following: content quality, correct grammar, and good style are the nuts and bolts. Your content must be useful and unique – and provide the reader with a solution to their problem.

SEO Keys for Web Positioning

What makes your text easier to read? Helpful is a good structure that leads the reader through exciting headlines and informative subheadings through the text and lets him grasp at a glance the most important (and relevant to him).

What you probably already know: Google also pays attention to the length of an article, ie, a blog post should not be too short…

Tip 2: Waiting is boring

Shorten loading times is the magic word! Sounds banal, but think about whether this SEO tip is not even one of the most important. How often do you have to wait for something in the course of a day? They wait for the coffee to run through, the traffic light turns green, the bus, the doctor’s waiting room, the weather, etc.

Who has the time and the desire to wait for half an eternity until the website is loaded?

In fact, about half of all websites already lose their visitors when they shop. In other words, every second person is (too) impatient and clicks away. Google looks the same – keyword resource waste. Therefore, you should quickly (!) Implement these SEO tips:

  • Reduce HTTP requests
  • Shrink file sizes
  • Keep correct order of resources

Of course, a fast website will only use you if it’s found. Did you know that the majority of users only view the first page search results? So you have to appear on the first page of Google results to be found.

 Tip 3: Matching the right keywords

Just as balls and lights belong to every Christmas tree, you should also decorate your SEO description! Yes, you’ve heard rightly: with the right decoration, you can make sure your blog is found better. In concrete terms this means:

  • Include pictures and videos
  • Put keywords at the top of the SEO description and name them in the headline

Do not forget to do a regular keyword research to check your keywords. Because you can optimize your keyword so much – if no one subsequently searches for exactly this keyword, which will not get you anywhere (and then you can leave your Christmas tree unadorned).

Also, make sure your keyword is high on the front. (Best in the page title and in the page description) Google thinks after the motto: First come, first serve – the further a term is in front, the more important it must be!

Tip 4: Dissemination and linking

They are practically on target. The visitor has landed on your blog. He reads it with interest because you have followed all the previous tips. He finds what he was looking for. But after reading your five SEO tips, you want him to share your content. Sharing buttons to social media sites are essential and should not be missing from any blog post.

But you also want to make sure that the visitor lingers even longer on your side. Ideally, therefore, he finds something he has not been looking for (no, no Christmas tree balls), an added value that lets him click from link to link. What could that be? Some examples:

  • A “more to the topic box” with additional information or thematically matching (internal) links to further articles
  • External links, because an external link is rated by Google as a kind of recommendation
  • E-books for download
  • Videos, checklists and leaflets

Links are still one of the most important ranking factors. What you should pay attention to: Place the internal links near your article or in your article. This makes finding easier and increases the likelihood that your visit will stay longer on the page. A hard-to-find link is nothing more than a sacking of your visit – and you certainly do not want that.

 Tip 5: Optimize your page for mobile devices

How was that again waiting for the bus? Every person has some waiting time each day, during which he frequently uses a Smartphone or tablet. The visitor to your website will therefore be grateful if you have optimized it for mobile devices. What does this have to do with Google Ranking? Quite simple: Google is gradually introducing the so-called “Mobile First Index”, the effects of which no one can really estimate. However, it’s clear that mobile device optimization is playing an increasingly important role – both for users and for Google.

There are several ways to implement this SEO tip. The least serviceable and therefore recommendable is the implementation with “Responsive Design”.

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