What is link baiting?

Link baiting is an SEO technique that seeks to obtain natural links or Organic links from other websites to a page through the creation of attractive and valuable content for users, with the aim of being shared.

The term link baiting comes from “link bait”. It is one of the most recommended and natural techniques to improve the backlink profile and the authority of a web page.

In order to generate effective link baiting content, it is important that the content is original, useful and engaging for the target audience. Some link baiting techniques include creating infographics, opinion articles, tutorials, videos, or studies that are of interest. It is always sought that said content can be referenced or shared by users.

It is important to keep in mind that link baiting differs from link building because it tries to create high-quality and relevant content for users and that is naturally shared and linked by other websites.

Advantages of link baiting:

  • Generation of quality traffic to a web page.
  • Improved positioning in search results.
  • Increased authority and reputation.
  • Generation of quality and natural links.
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